About Immediate i4 Proair

Our Founders

Immediate i4 Proair was born out of the necessity to connect people with little or no knowledge of the world of finance to the right financial education that fit their areas of interest. Our founders had a vision and Immediate i4 Proair is the outcome of that vision. This vision was to find a solution for one of the bigger problems that ails the finance industry.

The problem is that of accessibility. For far too long, newcomers to the finance industry have struggled to find educational resources which are tailor made for them for learning optimization. Indeed, even when found, it is not without hardship. The cost for these resources is prohibitive and can make even the most enthusiastic learner lose interest.

However, with Immediate i4 Proair you need not go through such pains anymore. This was the vision of the founders and dare I say, so far so good.

Role of Immediate i4 Proair

The role of Immediate i4 Proair is that of a connector. Immediate i4 Proair caters to people that are looking to learn more about investments. Immediate i4 Proair connects its users with the best investment educational firms around the world. The aim of Altrix is to guide you on that first step toward financial literacy. We are hoping that by doing this, we are adding positively to society. As we all know, as more people get financially literate, they make better financial decisions. This adds to the economy of the society in which we find ourselves. At Immediate i4 Proair, our role is to ensure those who want proper investment education get it in a timely fashion. We also cater to different budgets, big or small. Start your investment education journey today with us.


We at Immediate i4 Proair have partnered with the best educators in investment learning. Our partners have gone through a rigorous screening process to ensure they meet up to our standards. It is important to us that our partners are diligent, trustworthy and adhere to best industry practices.